Storm and Silence.

Hey guys! How many of you here are into wattpad?? I sure am! Growing up I was a complete bibliophile.. coming to think of it…I still am…(though I don’t have as much time as I did before)

A couple of years back I discovered this amazing app called wattpad and its a shame that many people still don’t know it yet. Well for those of you who don’t it is basically a storytelling online community… You can read stories written by other users or you could write some yourself. You can even vote for books you like or recommend some to a friend… Go on… Try it out here.

I started out loving this app that practically gave me access to unlimited books … And that too for free! Later however I found books to be repetitive and poorly written… I even found a book that was written in broken English!

However, I found out that not all the books there were bad and some were actually quite nice. One such book (That happens to be my current favorite ❤ ) is Storm and Silence by Robert Thier.

It is a historic romance novel but trust me, even if you hate this genre to the core…you will still love this book!


It is a story set in Victorian times where a feminist, Lilly Linton, is desperate to fight for women’s rights and suffrage. However in order to do this, she needs the help of a dark dangerous man… a man, Rikkard Ambrose, who is the definition of a ‘male chauvinistic pig’ and will do anything to get what he wants.  And he is a handsome hunk!

Lilly finds that she has to fight hard, not just for feminism.. but for her growing attraction towards Mr. Ambrose.


This book was so good I could literally not put it down. Sir Rob (as he calls himself) has a flare for writing and amazing ways of describing things.


I was so into this book that I couldn’t stop until I read all the books in the series! I’m now at the 4th book in the series and patiently wait every Wednesday for a new chapter to be released 😦

superthumb.jpg If you haven’t read this already, go try it right away! Trust me you will love it, and re-read it as well.

You can try reading this story on Radish too or maybe buy the book here.


A from TAD.


Slip of the shoe

You know you’ve had a bad day when mid morning…Your shoes decide to break.. And it feels like after that, everything in the world is just so wrong… You get what i’m saying don’t you?

It so happened to me a couple of says ago… Right when I was in college… with my favorite pair of Kolhapuri ones that my mother had gifted me a couple of years ago.

f2364138da35ec8d99821dd3ddd0f3e4.jpgMine were similar to this except they were a dark pink with sunny bright yellow. Yes i’m a colorful person :p You would probably never see me sporting an all-black outfit. (The whole ‘black is an architect’s dress code’ is a complete myth btw. )

Anyways, my right shoe decided to tear that morning and I was in college dragging my feet about like a funny thing the whole day. I realized then, that the little things in life (like footwear for example) have a huge impact on our mood and temperament.

I tried to sneakily use the college office glue and stapler to fix it but it just wouldn’t get fixed. Well I obviously couldn’t wait around for the other shoe to drop (Literally speaking in this case :P) so after college I went with one of my best friends to find a nearby cobbler. Unfortunately for me there was no cobbler nearby and no shoe shops either.

My house was over 12 kms away from college so I relied on public transport and my two good feet to get back home. Today of course, that wasn’t possible.

That’s when this best friend of mine took my torn ones and gave me her good shoes to go back home with. This was not easy for her since she drives a two wheeler to her house which was far away as well.

This was one of the nicest gestures someone ever did for me and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that someone’s always got your back. Makes you realize that life is not so bad after all.


Best friend, if you are reading this, thank you for being my octopus ❤


A from TAD


Make a Memory, not a Picture

I hate taking pictures! There I said it! Stop gasping you overly dramatic people …let me explain.

I’m not against the idea of capturing a temporary moment in permanent vivid colours that might fade on the edges but never in the emotion. Afterall we are only human and memories will fade and maybe become a transparent sheet for a new memory. So yeah pictures are great, especially to look back on during a get together years later and laugh at the hair style, the fashion sense, that crush you were trying to stand next to, those awful naked baby pictures and I could go on.

I enjoy doing all of the above and more but I don’t seem to have the ability to take pictures to make a memory. Like if I went for a picnic I’d rather eat, crack jokes, play tag, climb trees or anything really than take a picture. Especially now with instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many more social sites, pictures which were for loved ones who you can’t see often , it has become a forum to get the most likes. Nothing against it coz we are human and we all want to feel loved.

I’m sure not many people agree with me and that’s cool coz the world would be a boring place if there were too many mes, and the camera wouldn’t have been invented :p.

I’d rather make a memory than make a picture, tell me what you think.

Signing off,


It’s okay to be alone sometimes …

My friend tells me that there are two types of people in this world – the ones that entertain and the ones that observe. Ha I’m just kidding (thats a line from Britney Spears – circus). In a weird way she’s right, when people are put under pressure they react differently but can be divided into two large groups – introverts and extroverts.

When we joined medical college we were given a test in a palliative medicine class to find out which we are. It was supposed to help us see that everyone is different and you can’t treat them all alike. Ideally the extroverts are the ones who were more into debates and cultural activities while the introverts were more individual sportsmen or the studious ones.

So we were debating between the introverts and the extroverts, and it was surprising how true to our natures we are. Like honestly the extroverts were all in the introverts faces and nothing was communicated in the end. It was slightly hilarious

The thing is all of us are different. So when we try to understand someone else like they are us, there is bound to be misunderstandings. For example a friend of mine has been trying to get a huge bunch of people to go out and I was supposed to be one if the bunch. The outing never happened coz a few of us said no. She was very annoyed and we had an argument (sounds nicer than a ‘fight’). For me an outing is about the food and I’d rather go alone. For her an outing is about the people. It took us both a while to understand the other person’s side to the story and then we calmed down. 

That’s how a lot of relationships break, coz they dont want to see the other persons side. So when I want to be alone it doesn’t mean I don’t like you or I’m depressed or I’m angry, some people are just made that way. 

Signing off,


Sounds in the forest.

Well, judging by that title you must think i’m gonna tell you a creepy story about what happened when i went to the forest. You are probably picturing masked men and and the rustling of leaves. Well no, this isn’t a horror tale. It is about a beautiful installation I recently came across.

Forest megaphones, Estonia

In most cases architecture is seen and not heard. This is just sad, considering the most memorable of spaces are those that heighten more than just our optical sense.

To me, experience is a major part of architecture and this right here is a perfect example of architecture’s acoustic ability.


This is an installation of three literally giant megaphones designed by students in Estonia to amplify the sounds of the forest.

The installation is featured in Estonia’s Pähni Nature Centre, known for its study trails and using the forest as its “outdoor classroom.” Student Birgit Õigus designed the piece along with her classmates as a part of the Estonian Academy of Arts.


This installation is called Ruup. It invites you to read forest sounds and offers hikers and wanderers a possibility to rest their feet and their minds. Here, you can sit, sleep, think and listen. You can select between a small and a large view, depending on which direction you look in the Ruup. It is an open library with only one book – the nature.

These conical shapes provide a platform for outdoor classrooms, small-scale cultural events and concerts. You can actually do just about anything. You are only limited to your imagination.


These ‘bandstands’ vary in size and form but, at 3m diameter, they are the perfect size to climb into. Imagine being a musicion and even playing there.


Visitors that come here are found lounging inside these megaphones, listening to the sounds of the forest.

51% of Estonia is covered with forests and according to author Valdur Mikita, ‘Estonian culture is intertwined and imbued with forests’. This sure makes me feel like visiting this place.

Talk about giving Mother Nature a megaphone.


A from TAD

Do adults do that? 

I’m definitely an adult. I mean I’m 18+ so I’m definitely an adult. At least legally I’m definitely an adult. Others definitely think I’m an adult. I think?

Do you ever wonder what in the world does an adult do? I mean I remember looking at adults when I was small and felling like they knew exactly what they were doing. Now that I am here on the other side, I’m not so sure. But dang did those ‘adults’ make it look believable. I’m sure they used used the tips A gave in the article ‘how to be an adult 101’.

I think I should implement it in my life before something stupid happens and trust me I’m one those people who trouble keeps finding.

I’m the one who gets caught pulling funny faces with my tongue out at the kid on the bus, falling off a bunch of steps coz I still haven’t figured out the whole gravity and balance thing or dancing to barbie- aqua. Am I the only one who learnt about trismus (inability to open the mouth) and tried talking like that for an hour? Or tried balancing a cup full of tea on my head only to end up with tea all over me? Well maybe I’m the only adult whose still not grown up or maybe not?

I in fact challenge you to a childish bet where you have to do something childish and blog about it or …well you know your the wet chicken :p

Signing off,


In Clinics

Clinics is what we call the discussion we have of a patient after we work them up. So basically its the part of the day when we spend 2hrs working up the patient after reading a 100 books the previous day to know what to do only to find out we did everything wrong. Well one mistake made makes one mistake less the next time right? Except when you find a new mistake to make every time.

Well any who during clinics we learn the right way to do a few tests. I remember the first time we learnt about the Chvostek sign (I challenge you guys to say all the signs I ever mention and make a gif and put it in your blogs somewhere) which checks for hypocalcemia. So this is a sign where you tap the cheek and check for muscle twitching (I bet you tried it). There isn’t much funny with that. No but imagine the same thing with about 10 people standing in a solemn semicircle just tapping each others cheeks 5 mins solid in the middle of the hospital corridor. 

Don’t even get me started on the whole learning to tapping issue (that’s the story for another day).

Signing off,


P. S. Don’t forget to tell us about your professional foibles. 

The HARDEST job in the world …

The hospital I think is the saddest place to be in. Especially the Medicine department in a tertiary health care centre. In a surgery ward there is at least a constant out flow of patients which gives doctors the satisfaction of having done something. 

I’m in medicine now and it’s just so overwhelming. Especially when you see a patient at the start of the posting, and a month later when your going to a new posting, they are still there mostly worse off than better.
The hardest job in the world is sitting in a hospital unsure of what is going to happen to your relative who is deteriorating before your eyes, and there is nothing you can do about it. Doctors have it easy, afterall they can take a bunch of history and do relevant examination and investigations. At least they have an idea of whats happening, or at least the illusion of science, but to the members of the family to whom nothing makes sense, starting from the why to the how it’s the worst time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a month of hospital stay, it’s still has the same effect on them.

Yesterday I saw a patient who was so fragile and weak. She was so sick that she couldn’t lift herself off the bed to pee in the bedpan. Her husband stayed with her the whole time. Through us asking her a bunch of questions to turning her around to making her stand. He was her legs, hands and any other body part she needed.

Today we saw another patient who couldn’t eat on his own and his wife was with him, feeding him his daily requirements.

I realised something then, the doctors are given so much respect for what they do but what these people do is so much harder. Thank you to all those who have experienced sickness in someone’s life and made everyone’s work easier and the sickness seem slightly lesser by just being there.

Signing off,


Why silence is not golden. 

I recently went to a public library to do some research for my college work. Being abookaholic (Is that even a word?) I’ve gone to quite a few libraries in my lifespan so it wasnt like I was new to the idea.

However it was the first time I was visiting this heritage library, which i heard was pretty historic.. Circa 1845 or I had heard and I was pretty excited to go visit it. It was basically like a 6 year old going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (Of course without that tragic ending).

I imagined it to be old and grand with perhaps some excitement and lively discussion going on:



Well what I certainly din’t expect was this:


HPL 2.jpg* insert cricket sound here*

Yes I’m not kidding. The only difference was that it really wasn’t black and white. Although mood of the place certainly seemed that way.

All the books were not in their right places and there were cobwebs literally on every shelf. Every dang shelf. I repeat… every dang shelf!

Hold on, this wasn’t even the worst part. No, the thing that drove me mad was the fact that there was pin-drop silence everywhere! The only sounds that were heard were that of the air conditioning.

No, there was no black-heavy-glasses sour-faced librarian with a heavy wooden ruler prancing around. There was the word ‘silence’ written everywhere and people seemed to blindly follow it.

When will people realize that libraries are not places for solitary confinement but for learning, interaction and information sharing? I perfectly understand that certain rules are needed for the fools who don’t respect a library for what it is.

giphy (2).gif

But enforcing ‘silence’ is really going a bridge too far with it. I’m not asking for jarring music or unruly shouting. All I’m asking is for the library to remain the peaceful sanctuary it is. Maybe certain spaces can be provided for those who have the irrational need for silence but perhaps it is time to evolve from the notion of silence is golden? After all the world of the library has certainly evolved and  should be a hub of intellectual conversation.


A from TAD

When but a medical student

This is going to be a series by all three of us. Well I think the title explains it all but to those who haven’t read my One word at a time post …Here is the link

So every profession has its foibles whether you accept it or not. Sometimes I catch myself thinking gosh doctors must be the funniest creatures. 

When I joined med school after years of hard work and a million tests that are mostly useless, I felt like I knew the world in and out. It takes a while before medicine knocks some sense into our heads and takes us down a couple of pegs. But that time when we think we know everything and yet have only learnt a few medical terminologies (which is a feat of its own) is when we are probably the funniest.

There is something called the ‘medical student syndrome’ I’m not even making that one up!!! It makes them think they have the disease they are reading about. For example, a chest pain is as good as a mycardial iinfarction (heart attack) and one kg decrease in weight is cancer or one cough is tuberculosis! Infact my cousin called me recently to tell ne that she has meningitis coz she had head ache (i can literally feel people go ‘huh’).

Then we move on and learn some more things and realise it’s almost impossible to learn everything,I guess that’s part of growing up in the medical profession. I’m past the medical student syndrome phase (at least I hope so).

So to all of you who have seen foibles in your profession comment or email us your stories 😀

Signing off,