Why silence is not golden. 

I recently went to a public library to do some research for my college work. Being abookaholic (Is that even a word?) I’ve gone to quite a few libraries in my lifespan so it wasnt like I was new to the idea.

However it was the first time I was visiting this heritage library, which i heard was pretty historic.. Circa 1845 or I had heard and I was pretty excited to go visit it. It was basically like a 6 year old going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (Of course without that tragic ending).

I imagined it to be old and grand with perhaps some excitement and lively discussion going on:



Well what I certainly din’t expect was this:


HPL 2.jpg* insert cricket sound here*

Yes I’m not kidding. The only difference was that it really wasn’t black and white. Although mood of the place certainly seemed that way.

All the books were not in their right places and there were cobwebs literally on every shelf. Every dang shelf. I repeat… every dang shelf!

Hold on, this wasn’t even the worst part. No, the thing that drove me mad was the fact that there was pin-drop silence everywhere! The only sounds that were heard were that of the air conditioning.

No, there was no black-heavy-glasses sour-faced librarian with a heavy wooden ruler prancing around. There was the word ‘silence’ written everywhere and people seemed to blindly follow it.

When will people realize that libraries are not places for solitary confinement but for learning, interaction and information sharing? I perfectly understand that certain rules are needed for the fools who don’t respect a library for what it is.

giphy (2).gif

But enforcing ‘silence’ is really going a bridge too far with it. I’m not asking for jarring music or unruly shouting. All I’m asking is for the library to remain the peaceful sanctuary it is. Maybe certain spaces can be provided for those who have the irrational need for silence but perhaps it is time to evolve from the notion of silence is golden? After all the world of the library has certainly evolved and  should be a hub of intellectual conversation.


A from TAD

When but a medical student

This is going to be a series by all three of us. Well I think the title explains it all but to those who haven’t read my One word at a time post …Here is the link https://tadtooomuch.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/one-word-at-a-time-4/

So every profession has its foibles whether you accept it or not. Sometimes I catch myself thinking gosh doctors must be the funniest creatures. 

When I joined med school after years of hard work and a million tests that are mostly useless, I felt like I knew the world in and out. It takes a while before medicine knocks some sense into our heads and takes us down a couple of pegs. But that time when we think we know everything and yet have only learnt a few medical terminologies (which is a feat of its own) is when we are probably the funniest.

There is something called the ‘medical student syndrome’ I’m not even making that one up!!! It makes them think they have the disease they are reading about. For example, a chest pain is as good as a mycardial iinfarction (heart attack) and one kg decrease in weight is cancer or one cough is tuberculosis! Infact my cousin called me recently to tell ne that she has meningitis coz she had head ache (i can literally feel people go ‘huh’).

Then we move on and learn some more things and realise it’s almost impossible to learn everything,I guess that’s part of growing up in the medical profession. I’m past the medical student syndrome phase (at least I hope so).

So to all of you who have seen foibles in your profession comment or email us your stories 😀

Signing off,


Under my umber-ella…

Umbrellas. I find umbrellas to be the most dreadfully annoying things. Sure they protect you from the rain and sun…But as they say, an open umbrella is a closed beautiful sky….

giphy (2)

I mean, that lanky steel contraption always ends up jamming my fingers when I open it… And don’t even get me started on closing it. It seems to just mysteriously suck all the energy in the air around with it in a sinister boom…


Am i the only person who can never get the dang thing opened? Maybe I really wouldn’t have minded much if I had Mary Poppins umbrella.

giphy.gifApart from not letting us enjoy the rain, umbrellas might actually have a few good uses.

They make some pretty incredible art installations! The yellow tree art is ‘Bloom’ by Sam Spencer.

They make a great prop for a photograph and also appear to be a great prop for romance. Mind you, I don’t think the couple back there is just posing 😉

You can always use them as interior decor hanging from the ceiling. Be it in a chic restaurant or a dainty vintage tea party, umbrellas are just the thing. Parasols too of course.

And why not bring it up a notch with some pretty oriental ones??

Umbrellas are certainly popular these days. They are even in food!

I better go fix my old umbrella. And learn to use it too! * sheepish grin *


A from TAD.

Goodbye Childhood!

tumblr_o6yry0Igwq1tiywqoo1_500.jpgThis picture seemed pretty funny to me at first… Well I don’t think I  actually ever ate mud..unless chocolate mud cakes count 😛

However it lead me to do a little bit of thinking and lately I’ve been observing the kids in my neighborhood and … Well I actually couldn’t see any kids really! All I found was a lonely and evidently empty street. I mean, go look outside your window right now. You would probably be saying the same thing… Kids these days are so busy with ‘gadgets’ and the rest… They don’t seem to have time for any fun.

True ‘fun’ is quite a relative term. And playing outdoors may not exactly be ‘fun’ for everyone. I agree because I was pretty indoors-y myself.  But I do believe the current set of children are missing out a lot! I found out that all these kids were at home ‘doing some pretty serious studying and did not have any ‘time’ for anything else. I am of the opinion that, 12 and 13 year olds do not really require to prepare for IIT coaching and the rest at that point in life. (for those of you who don’t know, that’s a set of highly sought after engineering colleges in India, sort of like the prestigious ivy league schools of america, but in an smaller context.)

Studying is certainly important and no doubt the competition is higher these days… But at what cost? Is being a doctor/ engineer your entire life’s ambition? Is there no more to life? Slow down, where are you running to?

I would say.. there is a time for everything. A time to play and a time to study. A time to work and a time to relax. All i’m saying is… live a little!

giphy (2)

Play in the mud… Dance in the rain… Build a fort with your pillows and fly a paper plane. Go to the beach and build sandcastles. Go and do the one thing you’ve always wanted.Childhood is one phase of life that you should always cherish. It is gone before you even know it! 😦

From a girl who is happy with her childhood,

A from TAD.




What you are about to read is a warning. I warn you again, it is a warning. Alright! Go ahead and read despite me warning you. Who has ever taken any warning seriously anyway ?

Now that you have decided to continue reading, I think ill get to my warning right away. “No money, no cry”. No no i don’t mean to ask notes of dollars or rupees or yens to stop crying…im warning you, who is reading this. Do not cry when you have no money (by “no” I don’t mean absolutely nil). I shall re-phrase my warning… “not enough money, no cry”. Bob Marley asked women not to cry, well I am going to appeal to all you folks…woman or not…”not enough money, no cry”. You ask why ? Simply because money can never wipe your tears away (figuratively speaking).

giphy (1).gif


I know I’d sound like a hypocrite if I said we don’t money at all. Hence I am not going to say that ( I am no hypocrite. Exactly what a hypocrite would say huh ? 😛 )What I mean to say is don’t waste your time reading those books titled, ” How to become561e8d33-030f-4d39-ac95-7e2246e7d8a1.jpg a billionaire” or ” Hacks to become rich in a year”.Because at the end of the day, more than a roll of grands, it is a bit of love we all long for; to know that someone, in some corner of the world understands us. But if you are to spend all your time in your workplace among your files…you can only expect your files to understand you.

You cannot expect it from anyone else. Now you tell me it is because of those files that you survive, there is no surviving without money. I don’t deny it my friend. You may keep your files close to you, but sometimes you have to keep them closed too. And while they are closed, invest in things that really matter ( I’m not talking about shares and real estate). Invest your remaining time in making someone feel special, in mending broken relationships with family, in catching up with good old friends, in discovering your true passions, in knowing what makes you truly happy. Because for a fact, money cannot buy true happiness. I’m sure you would have realized this too at some point. Probably that time when you thought getting you that gadget would make you so crazy happy…but tat happiness lasted only for a day or two. It has happened to me. Things bought with money will always lose their ability to satisfy us and keep us happy.
When you are in distress, it will be that person whom you made feel special who will encourage you,it will be your family that will support you, your good friends who will stand by you.
Money can never buy inner peace and satisfaction. It is only through the love we give and that which we receive that we render true meaning to our lives.
If I sounded a tad too authoritative, its only because…im an aspiring teacher. You see I have to pretend to be all serious if I want the kids to take me seriously….. insecurities of an aspiring teacher. That would be another topic for another day.
As of now, that I have reminded you of Bob Marley..what are you waiting for ? Go listen to his magic!236f4c0d-4539-4e66-a0bb-0006a3037fc9.jpg
Lovely people, spread love. That’s all we are meant to do. 🙂
Just chilling here.
T from TAD 🙂






As rare as hen’s teeth…

For the past couple of days, I’ve been running back and forth for a certain project of mine. One of my studio subjects this semester happens to be ‘Urban design’ which is basically the design of the urban fabric of life – cities, large towns and metropolitan areas. For this my class was divided into groups and we were given a small chuck of land in the city and asked to study it. Well chunk would definitely be an understatement as we were literally given an area as large as an ocean to study….


This obviously was easier said than done and we were tired and exhausted by the end of it. We had gone to various institutes and government offices hoping to learn of the social developments of their neighborhood. What we received were only suspicious looks and no answers. People went hullabaloo and not one soul provided information of any sort. Perhaps they thought we were spies?

giphy (2).gif

Anyways, we were quite disappointed but for obvious reasons couldn’t quit… So the next day, we went to the corporation office. The counselor there was very encouraging as he not only provided a lot of information but went a step ahead to call his friends in other relevant offices and tell them to provide us our required information. His contacts were just as helpful as he was! This man was one genuine soul (and we later found out that he had done so much to develop that neighborhood ). Such people were rare to find these days. He even encouraged us saying that youngsters like us were exactly what they needed to develop that society!


I was truly shocked as all around, I thought I was in a narcissistic society of people that cared two hoots about any real change! But then, somewhere, there are these genuine people that really want to make a difference and even encourage others to help and heal society! Bravo to the genuine people everywhere ! 🙂

giphy (1).gif



A from TAD

PS: As you might have noticed, there is no connection between my title and my context. But that’s okay. Hehe 😀

A lesson learnt 

” How on earth can he go so fast ? And that woman bending like that ! These two are crazy good. I bet they are pros”.
These were my first thoughts when I was watching a dance performance, by an amazing duo on YouTube. [ you thought I was watching something else huh ? You lil perv. 😉 ]

Well except for a few group performances back in my school days, I am no dancer and neither have I taken any dance classes . But I love watching professional dancers. I admire their grace, its such a joy to the eyes and so heart warming. This one performance I was watching, was of a kathak duo, dancing to a beautiful Bollywood song. I had decided that I was going to learn this piece though it seemed really, really hard.
My practice session started. An over enthused me played the video, closely watched the first couple of minutes, paused the video, replayed it and tried to dance along. Guess what happened?   I couldn’t replicate a single move. Infact I looked like a wet chicken that had completely lost control of its wings and was trying to fly……with its legs.

I tried again. And agian. And a few more times. And that was it. That video had done that which it should never have…..it hurt my EGO. Then what happened was an outburst of emotions….not the pretty ones exactly. On the one end I couldn’t help but feel useless and on the other end my bruised ego had turned that fateful key in my head and the blame game had begun.. 

I started to blame myself for not taking dance classes, then i began to blame my parents for not sending me to dance classes, and then i blamed the choreographers for making it so difficult, and then i blamed youtube for recommending the video to me and then I went on to watch Master chef Australia (revenge taken).
I sat there staring at those home cooks. I couldn’t enjoy the show. Obviously. My mind was preoccupied with all those negative emotions. So much of frustration I could break all the eggs in the Master Chef pantry !!!!!! But as my kitchen was nothing like the Master chef pantry and as there were hardly any eggs waiting to be broken…i had to bring myself to cool down and think sensibly.
I began to slowly realize the truth. I was doing it all wrong.
Instead of trying to learn half a choreography all in a couple of minutes, I should have tried to perfect the moves, one by one. Wait…. that  is what any sensible person would do right ?  But not me…..and a few of you folks out there too, who freak out when you have an unfathomable (hyperbole intended) task at hand. As a result of the freaking out, we tend to grab at once more than we can hold. And we obviously fail. Then follows the episode of frustration and we give up too soon. Exactly what happened to me. That’s when I had a revelation! The story of the tortoise and the hare that we all studied in our primary classes was not some silly tale…it was a huge life lesson. Some lessons, I guess, are always learnt the hard way.
As boring as it sounds, slow and steady actually wins the race…or at least prevents you from getting frustrated and going berserk and wanting to smash  eggs on the wall.
So next time you find yourself overwhelmed by a huge task ahead of you, remember to take it sl…oo…oo…ww…ww.
Just chilling here,
T from TAD

The Moses Bridge.

Well, I’m sure most of you would already know the story of Moses and the Red Sea…


It is the legend of when Moses led the Israelites away from Egypt and towards Canaan which was the land God promised to them. However during this journey, they are blocked by the Red Sea. There was no way of escape for them since the Egyptian army was at their heel in order to kill them all. In order to cross the sea, Moses held out his staff and God parted the waters for the people to cross which enabled the people to safely cross the waters. Once everyone was safely on the other side, Moses held out his staff again and the sea closed again, drowning the entire Egyptian army!

I was searching for something yesterday when I came across this! The Moses Bridge:


Pretty, isn’t it?? No Im not kidding and this is actually real! It is a sunken bridge in halsteren, Netherlands… It is designed to be practically invisible while giving access to the beautiful 17th century Dutch Fort de Roovere.



It was designed by RO & AD Architects, who had decided to make it that way, so it wouldn’t stand out in the historic fort complex. The bridge has taken on the name “The Moses Bridge“, as it appears to have divided the moat’s waters.


The bridge is made of Accoya wood, that is treated with anti-fungal coating, that enables the wood not to erode.


This off-beat beauty sure has a way of mirroring its surroundings without garnishing the beauty of the fort! I’d say it went a bridge too far (Haha I’m funny like that :P)

Comment below if you’ve been here or know of other such gems 🙂

Ciao for now,

A  from TAD


The day my dyed chicken died…

I was going through my old pictures yesterday while hunting for something… And I happened to stumble upon this picture during my search…IMG-20160609-WA0014.jpgThis was taken quite a few years ago in my cousin’s house. I remember going there one summer and playing with this cute chick right here…

It was my first time seeing a colored chicken and I had become quite fascinated with it… At first I had thought it was a stuffed toy and once it started running I realized it was an actual bird! My whole life seemed like a lie cause until then i had only seen the pale yellow ones, which were just as cute to be honest…. And so I couldn’t believe my eyes until my cousin produced another green one!…. (Although I grew fond of the pink one as it was way more friendly…aaaannnd pink sort of used to be my favorite color :P)

This little pink chick had become very fond my sister who happened to be wearing a colorful pink skirt… The bird seemed to think she was its mother and used to adorably follow her everywhere.. In fact if u look closely at the picture… That colorful cloth it is standing on is actually her skirt!

It was a sad moment when we had to part with this pink one (I don’t think they ever named it) and I hear that three days later it and the green one had died 😦

I was wondered how they died so easily and then came across the answer… This was common with dyed chicks apparently! I found out that street vendors inject the eggs with stuff like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, while others use “harmless” food coloring to attract costumers. But helllooo….. since when is food coloring harmless when injected into the egg of a fetus? The sad truth was that while some chicks prove extremely resilient to the dye, many are intoxicated and die before hatching.


The ones that make it only remain colored until they start growing undyed feathers, and then people just got they just get rid of it cause it apparently became normal or ugly… 😦 Since when were normal chickens not enough?

What next? Sparkly hamsters perhaps :/

Somebody just get me some tissues please…


A from TAD


I don’t know about you guys, but lately… I find myself worrying a lot!… I’m current in my final year of undergrad studies so as you can imagine… The anxiety is eating me up on the inside…

giphy.gifI find myself constantly worried about life..the future…what I would do next..Where my life was heading.. etc… I really wondered what was wrong with me.. In fact all this worrying only made me procrastinate my work even more… I realized that i was too nervous to do anything useful and kept doing random things to escape my thoughts (LOL i think i’m doing that right now too 😛 OK in my defense, blogging is not some random thing)… Anyways….Does this happen to you as well??? Coming to cross roads in life sure can be challenging…

giphy (2)

Then I remembered this verse:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

I realized that this whole worrying and anxiety was really a pointless thing. after all, worrying only eats our time…it doesn’t help us move forward or anything.. Heck, it isn’t even a minute well spent!

Instead it is better to keep calm and work hard for the things we would really like to do…And of course..we can always take little break and do things we enjoy ( like blogging 😛 )


A from TAD 🙂