Pointy Obsessions


We’ve all had this phase in our life where we obsess over silly little things… Not really silly sometimes..Right now my current obsession is pointy shoes..

Wen I was a kid I used to think that we were just  ugly projections on people’s feet… Boy was I wrong! (OK but with men’s footwear they aren’t really attractive)

Your pointy shoes can completely change your mood.. To me, they seem just smart and confident… Clearly you can see the difference, can’t you…??

It’s not just with shoes… All pointy things are bold and eye-catching… Even in architecture (well you cant really blame me for bringing architecture into this :P) pointy things are overwhelming!

VM Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark
V M Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark by Bjarke Ingels Group

This bold apartment block was designed by the BIG architects in the letters V and M. Razor sharp as they are, they seem frightening and exciting at the same time.

Knarvik Community Church, Knarvik, Norway
Knarvik Community Church, Knarvik, Norway

This wooden angular church is just full of drama as it sits on its beautiful Norwegian landscape. It stands out as a bold landmark in the scenic west-coast of Norway.

Clearly no caption required to describe this picture 🙂


So let me point out that pointy is the new pretty… And most obviously, it’s not pointless to obsess over them. Point taken I hope 😉


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5 things I learnt when I turned 21…

Well I actually turned 21 a couple of months back, but these are a few things I’ve observed so far in life:

1. Sometimes change seems like the only constant thing in life.


We all realize this at some point or the other in life… Life is constantly changing as we grow…Once childhood slips by, we realize that things can never be the same…We slowly grow apart from our friends as we all go in different directions.. For colleges, jobs or even just moving to another city.

And its not just people around… We change too.. Our thoughts, our choices and our way of dealing with things and our priorities.. Sometimes we simply learn to grow out of our shells… So much that sometimes we really wonder how wierd we were before.

2.We learn to look beyond taste when eating or drinking something.


Well this may not really be the case with everyone…All through childhood I was quite a fussy eater… I hardly at my veggies and I was picky even with fruits…The only thing I was never fussy about was probably chicken.♥♥

These days, I realized that I eat just anything I’m given…At a point we realize that as yummy or un-yummy as it is… Its just food… It’s only purpose is to fill our tummies and and nothing more.  So why fuss about it?

3.Life goes on… Whether we choose to be a part of it or not.

giphy (3)

Well this is sort of a tough one to explain… Life is full of ups and downs… Sometimes it feels like its only going downhill… And sometimes I realize i spend a tad too much time wallowing in self pity… I don’t realize that that’s the way its gonna be however I react to it… whether I decide to face things head on or just sit back and weep, life just goes on unaffected..

4.There are really no escalators in life, only stairs


As much as we all like short-cuts in life, we cannot just by-pass things and move on. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and passion to achieve even the little things in life and nothing comes easy.

So go the extra mile; it’s never crowded ☺

5.It’s all you.

giphyThis one might be a little hard to take in. Yes we all have God, family and friends that love us dearly and will continue to do so…

However things are not as it were when we are kids. Though people around might help us through.. We came into this world alone and will leave it the same.

And us who has to face things and be an adult. We cannot always be in our comfort zone and must learn to stand on our own two feet as hard as it seems!

So these are a few of the things I’ve realized when I turned 21… Comment below if you’ve dealt with the same or have realized anything else.



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My Childhood Friend.  

With my back against the open window, I sit at my table, preparing for an exam. I hear the noise of the incessant monsoon rains lashing Mumbai city as I try to concentrate on my reading. “Foucault’s essay… gave an impetus to a number of…” I am rudely interrupted by the strong wind that has now decided to wage war against my loosely tied hair. I try hard to push the locks of hair behind my ear while struggling to not take my eyes off the page. The wind had easily won the battle, my hair was no more under my control. The wind now rushed and brushed against the back of my neck. I felt a sudden calmness. It was almost as if the cool wind was tugging at my hair, my childhood friend, calling out to me, to play in the rain. I stood up, turned towards the open window, closed my eyes and let the wind take over.

We went on our journey. On the edge of a cliff we stood, peering over, to marvel at the vast gorge that lay ahead. We stood there smiling, with an assurance that we could do anything. The whole wide world just waiting to be conquered.

A sudden uneasy warmth in the air I breathed. The wind stopped. I opened my eyes to  feel perplexed and lost. My childhood friend had left.

I am at my table , reading…”historicist convince authorship to be…”, with my back against the open window. But for how long?


T from TAD.

​Pretty Personal Poetry

A sponge in a bucket of
dirty water.
Soaking it all up
like a hero.
All the hurtful words,
the curses, the angry faces
their scowls.
Their greatest antipathy
Was me ?

But for how long
Untill I am fully soaked up
Not a drop more will i take
Completely drowned in the bucket of dirty water
Hit the bottom
Heavy. No question of floating back up
No escape. Never?
Sunk in sorrows and hate
Not mine.
Too late to disown ?

Filled with dirt, flowing
In and out.



T from TAD

A horse-shoe nail of my mistake

I read this somewhere (okay this also from the Katy Did series Susan Coolidge, but in my defence it’s got a tad too many life lessons for a children’s book) and it is more than just a fancy poem.

For the want of a nail of horse shoe was lost,

For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,

For the want of a horse the rider was lost,

For the want of a rider the battle was lost,

For the want of a battle the Kingdom was lost,

And all for the want of a horse-shoe nail.

Seems kinda random but trust me it’s deep.  It means that if the shoe-nail wasn’t put on time then there can be consequences as large as a Kingdom. 

Hmm well trying to attach that shoe- nail on time might take a bit of effort in lifting my lazy gluteus maximus off the bed but it might just be worth it. 

Signing off 


P. S. Maybe I’d be more worried about the horseshoe nail if I actually had a Kingdom. 


I have a pounding headache and the clock warns me that I’m not going to catch my bus to work on time. Arghhh the light… the ticking…that chirping… the bus. Arghhh. Anyone else in my situation would have had caffeine by now. I hate coffee…but I’m a desperate woman. Thankfully there is no nausea but my eyelids refuse to stay open.

As I put my head back on the pillow try to cover my ears I ask myself why. Why do I always decide it’ll be the last and then do it the very next day? Why can’t I just let go? Why does it feel like I’m alive only then? I need to check into rehab I think …nah next time it won’t happen.

Next time …gosh I’m already thinking of it. The next time I’ll hold it in  hand. Sigh now I’m sure I need therapy.

Just before I close my eyes deciding to put my life on hold for a day, I look at my bed stand and see it. Those yellowing pages of a well worn book. One that I’ve read a hundred times and yet will read another hundred. Sleep will hopefully cure my hangover …my book hangover.

Signing off,


10 Foibles all architecture students can relate to..

As you might have heard before, architecture school isn’t easy. Not one bit. Look up the countless internet memes about architecture students and I think u’ll have a pretty clear picture about how our lives work.

So if you are a student of architecture, these are 10 foibles I’m sure you can relate to:

  1. Acknowledging lack of sleep as a sign of completing a lot of work.

This one’s a no-brainer really. Once you join architecture school you say bye bye to sleep… And then you just make that a part of your life. Like everyday! If I ever had a day when I got over 6 hours of sleep I would seriously wonder if I ever did anything wrong or if I was missing something!

1492122902077image-1439220910cp84l2. Unconsciously thinking only about architecture.

 I’m serious about this one. My non-architecture friends are always bugged by the fact that I constantly see the world from my architecture perspective. I go gaga over pretty tiles, external cladding, 3D wallpaper and staircase handrails! I start talking about architecture like its the only language I know…

pineapple-express-cannabis-retail-stores-design3. Trying to zoom in and out while visiting any internet site.

We are so much into CAD that we end up using CAD commands on every application and website forgetting we are outside the CAD world!

4. Daydreaming about mirroring an object in real life.

And even pressing CTRL+DEL on a few things! * Wicked Grin *

giphy5. Thinking about Bjarke Ingels a lot!

For totally architectural reasons, of course 😀

301810353_1280x7206. Getting excited about buying new and expensive stationery.

Stationary stores excite me more than candy stores these days! Fancy sketchbooks and Copic markers are constantly on my wishlist!

giphy (1)7. Having too many tabs open while googling things.

Well, we all try not to do this… But end up doing it anyways. Obviously we would close all tabs in the end and then realize we forgot to save something!

8. Spending hours on the internet looking for ‘inspiration’.

I din’t really specify what kinda inspiration here.But we always use this as an excuse to sit for hours on the internet. Let’s just say we spend too much time here and then cry over empty sheets the next day!

giphy9. Constantly needing coffee breaks.

Ok, so maybe that is just me. But coffee certainly helps. (Especially with reference to point no 1 )

giphy (2)10. And lastly, hoarding all the free blocks from BiblioCAD.

Again, this might be just me. I am a master hoarder. That’s also why Pinterest is my all time favourite! All that you can hoard there, and that too for free!

In BiblioCAD, literally every single free block I find, however irreverent it is, I would end up saving it for later. Of course that later would never come and I’d end up deleting it to save space 😥

These are just a few of the things I’ve experienced. If you can relate to these or can think of a few more,  let us know in the comments below!


A from TAD

My Fictional Boyfriend…

I’ve got one.. You’ve got one…Everyone’s got one. There’s no denying it! We’ve all, at some point in life, had a fictional boyfriend! (Or girlfriend)…It usually happens while we read a really nice book.  I’m sure all of us has had Mr.Darcy as our fictional hero at one point or another.(Let’s be honest here, ladies)

And sometimes, you are so into it that it, that when a potential boyfriend comes to you, you’d end up saying this:


For me, I suppose this was a phase during my teenage years when I was a tad too much into Megan Cabot books (Michael Moscovitz from ‘The Princess Diaries’ series and Jesse De Silva from ‘The Mediator’ series to be exact 😛 )

And what’s worse.. We switch from one fictional boyfriend to another, with every single book we read. (Well I’m sure they won’t feel bad, if they are in different books 😛 )

A lot of people have asked me why I’m still single. For obvious reasons I really can’t tell them, can I?


And the ones who really know me well would realize I’m crazy and tell me to get over it. Like that’s actually possible!


Well what they don’t realise is I’m not the only one with a fictional love.

I’ve been recently obsessed with this song by Shawn Mendes called ‘There’s nothing holding me back’ . It is beautiful and catchy song where Shawn and his love travel across beautiful places like Paris and Amsterdam♥  This girl makes Shawn feel so excited, especially when she’s acting crazy, he stops feeling self-conscious and is willing to be taken to places he’s never been.

IMG-20161120-WA0001.jpgI watched an interview he did where he confessed as to who the song was dedicated to… And guess what… it was about his FICTIONAL LOVE as well 😀 He was inspired by a movie script and felt it was the perfect girl. He ended up writing a song for this fictional girl!

IMG-20151208-WA0013No, I don’t need therapy…. But just saying 😛


A from TAD

Familiar strangers

I was thinking to myself the other day…. About all the familiar strangers we are friends with… Now you are probably wondering if there was too much sugar in my cereal this morning… But hold up… I’m not crazy…

giphy (2)Ok, well maybe just a little bit.

If you still didn’t get what i’m going on about, then here it is… I’m talking about the many many social media friends we all have…

Its just plain creemy-own-social-media.jpgpy that we know a tad too much about them! (Pun intended , of course).

‘Stories’ have become the latest craze where we are practically showing clips of our lives to all our dear familiar strangers…oh i’m sorry, ‘friends’.

I’m serious here… I know the littlest details of everyone’s lives… Including people I don’t even talk to anymore! And the worst part is.. when I actually meet these people in real life… I find myself running out of things to actually talk about with them…

And the sad part is, most of the time… we do things just to put them on our social media. We are not having fun or making memories, we are simply creating a post. All in the hopes of getting more likes than the person next to us or maybe to catch a special someone’s attention.

We all need a social media detox before everybody we know ends up becoming a familiar stranger! Let’s vow to spend more time enjoying ourselves and do things that make us forget our phones!




A from TAD



This little light of mine.

I’ve always been fascinated by lights. Particularly how they completely change the character of a space or a setting!

I’ve always wanted to decorate my entire house with fairy lights .. the walls, the rooms, even the mirror! It gives off some pretty strong boho vibes doesn’t it?

These lights are so dope, I think i wouldn’t mind being wrapped in one like a christmas tree (Esp during the holidays!)

That’s when I came across these fantastic photographs by a New York photographer Brandon Woelfel. His photography got famous on instagram and soon he became a sensation with over 400k followers.IMG_2461+2.jpgThis one is one of my favourites… He has an amazing eye for photography and his post production skills are amazing as well!

IMG_8216.jpgHis photographs are always full of playful light and have some kind of dynamic movement in them! Doesn’t that light seem to be dancing to his tune?

Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

The lights in his photographs seem to come to life as they entwine and play with the subject of the photograph…

And its not just the lights… Its flowers… soap bubbles… and even pink sparkles!


Seems to me like a modern twist to a happy little fantasy world… A world of lights, motion and happiness! A place where fantasy and reality seem to merge together quite happily.

IMG_0720.jpgThis is him. He’s given a new definition to bokeh photography and is just 22 years old!

He recently published his first photography book, Luminiscence which has all his recent photographs that seem to be so different yet blend together perfectly.


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