Futuristic airport concepts that will blow your mind…

Aviation has made our world a smaller place. We can now travel anywhere and everywhere in only a matter of hours with the kind of luxury that people could only dream about a century ago.

Airports have themselves grown and developed on their own in the past few years. They are now centers of urban growth and development. There is a constant expansion and growth of terminals, runways and taxiways. Consequently, the city grows and develops around it through addition of roads, flyovers, airport hotels and metro stations. Many scientists and engineers are trying to reduce the exponential growth of airports and its negative environmental impact. The following are a few recent airport concepts that are not only pure genius but also address the issues faced by the current aviation scenario.



One of the major problems in airport development projects is the lack of proper space for expansion.  Even building a new runway becomes nearly impossible.

Airport developers would probably be thrilled as this would take up a third of the space required for a standard airport layout.

While airport terminal architecture has constantly been improving and evolving over the years, this takes things to a whole new level. Thsis is the aim of Henk Hesselink, a Dutch scientist working with the Netherlands Aerospace Centre.


Also called ‘The endless runway’ this proposal features a 360-degree landing strip measuring more than two miles in diameter. Since airplanes would be able to approach and take off from any direction around the proposed circle, they wouldn’t have to fight against crosswinds. And three planes would be able to take off or land at the same time.

And there’s an added benefit to those living near airports: Flight paths could be more distributed, and thereby making plane noise more tolerable.

This new idea can have a MAJOR social and environmental impact..


The only drawbacks here were complicated flight paths, the need for more navigation aids and the fact that pilots will have to be trained to take of on this curved path.

What do you think? Is this a fantastic idea or are we just going in circles?



In the past, there have been many  concepts of vertical skyscrapers, vertical farming and even vertical cities. This is a concept of a vertical airport. This was a design proposal by Jonathan Ortega (United States) that won honorable mention in the 2018 Evolvo Skyscraper Competition.

The use of verticality of structures, while not new, opens up new opportunities for development and expansion of airports into smaller footprints, leaving more available land for green space as well as for other development possibilities. Future airports can take advantage of verticality to reduce their land use.

Aircrafts of the future will definitely not be as they are now. There is current research and development of aircrafts with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) that won’t require long runways or huge expansive airfields.

Verticality will promote mixed-typology development, and future airports could include anything from farmer’s markets to shopping malls. Airports designed around verticality would no longer have to be confined to the very outer reaches of urban areas and could be located closer to urban activities and populations.

In the future, taking a flight will be more like walking to the corner to board the bus. By embracing verticality, mixed-typology development, and advances in technology, the future of airports will be fundamentally reformed.


We’ve all been through drive-throughs. Be it at our local McDonald’s or during an occasional trip to the car wash. This is a design proposal with a drive through concept for an airport. It is a futuristic passenger terminal concept by design studio Büro für MEHR from Amsterdam / Vienna.


Aircraft handling would be split into three phases: arrival, servicing and departure, arranged in a linear format. Planes would arrive under an elevated terminal and unload passengers before moving forward to the next station for servicing, freeing up the arrival bay for the next aircraft. Each station manages only one activity instead of being blocked for all three. The amount of necessary gates can be reduced by two- thirds, making the airport experience for both passengers and crews more user-friendly.

With a reduced footprint, airport operators have less capital and operational costs. Additional space becomes available for other airport related revenues. Contrary to current terminals where passengers are required to leave the mall area, in order to walk to their distant boarding gates, Drive Through Airport lets passengers depart directly from a mall.


Taxiing ways are also getting reduced. This saves fuel and increases the capacity for airlines. Transfer time for passengers and their luggage is also reduced, ultimately minimizing the number of passengers missing their connection.

Air side tarmac and energy consuming building footprint is reduced to an ultimate minimum, making this as green as an airport can be.


These are a few of the inspiring airport concepts I’ve come across. With modern technology and development in the aviation industry, no doubt we will see many of these ideas come to life in the near future.




A from TAD


Human vultures and how to deal with them…

Hey guys! Judging by that title, you might think this is one of those things where they talk about human oddities and abnormalities… No it isn’t..

And it isn’t about the Anubis either… It’s about people (no, they don’t look like vultures, come on!) and their uncanny way of behaving like vultures. I call them human vultures to make things easier.

Now, they will mostly come across as caring and concerned (borderline stalkerish).. but you will later come to realize that they had ulterior motives all along. How to spot them you might ask? Well, here are some of their quirks:

  • Just like the bird vultures, they are complete scavengers. (Humans of prey)
  • They are extremely interested in what you are doing with your life. (Though you may make it clear that it is none of their business)
  • They get extremely happy when you are doing something useless or unproductive in life (Only to feed their insecurities and feel better about themselves).
  • When you are happy, they are green with envy. But when you are sad or upset, nothing can wipe the grin off their face.
  • Their only intention and life goal is to hurt you.

Now I’m sure you get what i’m talking about… Although, spotting them is one thing, avoiding them is a whole different ballgame. You need to be careful when interacting with vultures… cause too much and you could end up becoming a vulture to someone yourself.. And trust me, its a bad thing… scary even. Here are a few ways I’ve tried to avoid vultures in my life:


Vultures are always found among your close acquaintances. While avoiding them and fleeing the country is definitely your best choice… That’s not always possible. I would say, slowly but steadily, avoiding them is the only option. Make clear conscious steps to move away from those negative vibes.


Learn to be discreet. I’m not asking you to go all out and become the next pretty little liar.. but you get what I mean. The less they know about life and what you are up-to, the better! You can’t always be an open book. Not with everyone at-least.


Can’t argue with Nicholas Sparks now, can we?


Learn to ignore it. Tips 1&2 may not always work. I’ve known a few vultures to pester my friends to ask them what I’m up-to. While they will try to upset you, choosing to not be affected by it will help you be a happier person. Choose to be that happy person always 🙂


Forgive, forget and move on!



If you are a vulture yourself, then there is nothing I can say. Except that if you have identified yourself as one, its a small step in the right direction. Go in that direction.


That’s all for now.


A from TAD

If I could be somebody else …anybody at all

Courtney Eaton, that’s who I’d be. Her life seems perfect (seems being the key word coz I actually have no idea). She’s a model so she’s obviously beautiful, actress, so well known and she’s got the perfect boyfriend – Ross Lynch. He’s like all good things put into one person, he can act, sing, dance, athletic, play literally all instruments and mostly his hair and his smile.

But here is the catch, I’m not Courtney Eaton. As much as I’d like to be I’m not. When God made me He could have made me anybody, He could have made me Courtney heck He could have made me Ross but he chose to make me well, me.

In fact the bible puts it in sentences that I could never string together as beautifully. It says “For you created my inmost being,you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,I know that full well.” Beautiful right? I mean to imagine, someone out there loved me just as I am so he ‘knit’ me, carefully and just as he imagined, thats just wow. And He who was at my beginning promises to be there always “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a

So the next time you want to become your version of a Courtney Eaton well think again. After all ‘you’ are the only ‘you’ this world has and well God loves you and knows what he’s doing.

Signing off,


Girl meets world: Girl meets thought (I’m still a child 1)

From fairytales to novels, rattles to gadgets, friends to collegues, crushes to love. Somewhere between these we grow up but there is always a aprt of us that’ll remain a child. So i dedicate this series of ‘I’m still a child’ to those memories. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to write it in the comments.

I’m not sure if I’m the only adult who still follows a Disney show, but heck I love it. How many of you have seen boy meets world? Well I actually never have (I’m almost convinced to) but I started the sequel ‘Girl meets World’. It follows the lines of the children of the tv screen couple Cory and Topanga with cameos from the original cast of ‘Boy meets World’. It is a simple plot – girl meets world. That’s literally the plot line. But here is the cool thing, they aren’t kidding.

From friendship and love (like every good Disney show) they go to politics, insecurities, bullying, value of money, humanitarian activities, compassion, separated families etc. Oh and the big one THE SECRET OF LIFE and it makes a lot of sense and my current mantra for life. (Don’t worry no spoilers). Explain to me how this is a children’s show!!!

Anyway I recently watched the episode ‘Mr. Squirrel goes to Washington’ from season 2. In this episode the two girl’s Riley and Maya get to be involved in politics (anything can happen, it is a Disney show). In the process of which they realise how important it is to vote and more importantly to vote for a government who will keep our planet going for generations instead of just during their term. After all we just have one Earth right and if we don’t take care of it who will?

Signing off,


The underwater world

Hey guys!

Happy New Year! ♥ Our apologies for keeping the blog inactive. Things have been really hectic the past couple of months…. But we are back 🙂

So I was surfing the net a while back and came across this! Check it out:

Aqueduct Veluwemeer, Harderwijk, Eastern Netherlands

This is the beautiful Aqueduct Vulemmer.  This is a navigable aqueduct over the N302 road near Harderwijk, in eastern Netherlands. Taking a closer look, I felt the cars seemed to disappear. Wonder where they went.. Atlantis, perhaps??


And maybe it was just a road to the other side * sheepish grin *

Aqueduct Veluwemeer, Harderwijk, Eastern Netherlands

But come on.. People swim underwater… But has anyone driven underwater before?

Open since 2002, this is definitely a stunning work of architecture and engineering. This waterway measures up at a short 25 meters long by 19 meters wide. This bridge connects the mainland Netherlands to Flevoland, which happens to be the largest artificial island in the world.

Aqueduct Veluwemeer, Harderwijk, Eastern Netherlands

This also solves all their traffic problems as the 28,000 vehicles that pass by this route no longer have to wait for the ships to cross. Here’s what it actually feels like.

Netherlands seems to be so full of beautiful bridges… I’m sure you remember ‘The Moses  Bridge’, if not you can check it out here.

Moses Bridge – Halsteren, Netherlands


A from TAD ☺


PS: Have you guys been here or anywhere similar ? Let us know in the comments below.

The drama of houses

We’ve all grown up in houses of some kind… Be it apartments or independent houses… Or even a castle if you are royal… These houses are so much a part of us that we don’t realise that they are so much more than just four walls…

The way a house is fashioned.. Its purpose and its design become an integral part of us… Even if we are the kind that have been living in a house for 20 years or have constantly been shifting… some houses do hold more meaning than we can imagine…


Take this for example..

White House by Tyo Ito


This house was popularly called the ‘House of Mourning’

The U-House was built in 1976 in the centre of Tokyo. It was designed by the pritzker prize winning architect Toyo Ito for his older sister, who had just lost her husband to cancer.

The widow had lived with her family in a high rise apartment until her husbands death. Following her husband’s death, the widow requested that the architect build a house for her and her small daughters where they could enjoy the close contact with the soil and plants that their former home had lacked.

Long dark corridor

It was designed as a U shape building with a long dark corridor. This was to enable the members of the family to have visual connection with each other.


The walls and ceiling were painted white. The floor was covered with a carpet, also white. In this space the light was diffused and gave a soft texture, but a cut in the ceiling directed the daylight in a straight diagonal line. The powerful light effects were reinforced by the pure whiteness of the interior, which seemed flat and without any three-dimensionality.

It was like a screen where the images and floating shadows of the inhabitants were projected

Certainly the house was not a comfortable one and his was perhaps best reflected by the behaviour of their many pets, all of whom had totally refused to be alone in the enclosed courtyard..

Courtyard / U house

The story, as told by Toyo Ito, reaches its conclusion twenty-one years after the completion of the house, when the family was ready to re-establish its links with the outside world. One by one they all left the house.

The U-house, you might say, was pre-conceived as a mourners’ house so it was only logical to run it down after it finished serving that purpose. The house was demolished in 1997.


Read more here


A from TAD


PS: All houses are full of their own drama. If yours has a story, do share it with us 🙂

Pointy Obsessions


We’ve all had this phase in our life where we obsess over silly little things… Not really silly sometimes..Right now my current obsession is pointy shoes..

Wen I was a kid I used to think that we were just  ugly projections on people’s feet… Boy was I wrong! (OK but with men’s footwear they aren’t really attractive)

Your pointy shoes can completely change your mood.. To me, they seem just smart and confident… Clearly you can see the difference, can’t you…??

It’s not just with shoes… All pointy things are bold and eye-catching… Even in architecture (well you cant really blame me for bringing architecture into this :P) pointy things are overwhelming!

VM Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark
V M Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark by Bjarke Ingels Group

This bold apartment block was designed by the BIG architects in the letters V and M. Razor sharp as they are, they seem frightening and exciting at the same time.

Knarvik Community Church, Knarvik, Norway
Knarvik Community Church, Knarvik, Norway

This wooden angular church is just full of drama as it sits on its beautiful Norwegian landscape. It stands out as a bold landmark in the scenic west-coast of Norway.

Clearly no caption required to describe this picture 🙂


So let me point out that pointy is the new pretty… And most obviously, it’s not pointless to obsess over them. Point taken I hope 😉


A from TAD

5 things I learnt when I turned 21…

Well I actually turned 21 a couple of months back, but these are a few things I’ve observed so far in life:

1. Sometimes change seems like the only constant thing in life.


We all realize this at some point or the other in life… Life is constantly changing as we grow…Once childhood slips by, we realize that things can never be the same…We slowly grow apart from our friends as we all go in different directions.. For colleges, jobs or even just moving to another city.

And its not just people around… We change too.. Our thoughts, our choices and our way of dealing with things and our priorities.. Sometimes we simply learn to grow out of our shells… So much that sometimes we really wonder how wierd we were before.

2.We learn to look beyond taste when eating or drinking something.


Well this may not really be the case with everyone…All through childhood I was quite a fussy eater… I hardly at my veggies and I was picky even with fruits…The only thing I was never fussy about was probably chicken.♥♥

These days, I realized that I eat just anything I’m given…At a point we realize that as yummy or un-yummy as it is… Its just food… It’s only purpose is to fill our tummies and and nothing more.  So why fuss about it?

3.Life goes on… Whether we choose to be a part of it or not.

giphy (3)

Well this is sort of a tough one to explain… Life is full of ups and downs… Sometimes it feels like its only going downhill… And sometimes I realize i spend a tad too much time wallowing in self pity… I don’t realize that that’s the way its gonna be however I react to it… whether I decide to face things head on or just sit back and weep, life just goes on unaffected..

4.There are really no escalators in life, only stairs


As much as we all like short-cuts in life, we cannot just by-pass things and move on. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and passion to achieve even the little things in life and nothing comes easy.

So go the extra mile; it’s never crowded ☺

5.It’s all you.

giphyThis one might be a little hard to take in. Yes we all have God, family and friends that love us dearly and will continue to do so…

However things are not as it were when we are kids. Though people around might help us through.. We came into this world alone and will leave it the same.

And us who has to face things and be an adult. We cannot always be in our comfort zone and must learn to stand on our own two feet as hard as it seems!

So these are a few of the things I’ve realized when I turned 21… Comment below if you’ve dealt with the same or have realized anything else.



A from TAD

My Childhood Friend.  

With my back against the open window, I sit at my table, preparing for an exam. I hear the noise of the incessant monsoon rains lashing Mumbai city as I try to concentrate on my reading. “Foucault’s essay… gave an impetus to a number of…” I am rudely interrupted by the strong wind that has now decided to wage war against my loosely tied hair. I try hard to push the locks of hair behind my ear while struggling to not take my eyes off the page. The wind had easily won the battle, my hair was no more under my control. The wind now rushed and brushed against the back of my neck. I felt a sudden calmness. It was almost as if the cool wind was tugging at my hair, my childhood friend, calling out to me, to play in the rain. I stood up, turned towards the open window, closed my eyes and let the wind take over.

We went on our journey. On the edge of a cliff we stood, peering over, to marvel at the vast gorge that lay ahead. We stood there smiling, with an assurance that we could do anything. The whole wide world just waiting to be conquered.

A sudden uneasy warmth in the air I breathed. The wind stopped. I opened my eyes to  feel perplexed and lost. My childhood friend had left.

I am at my table , reading…”historicist convince authorship to be…”, with my back against the open window. But for how long?


T from TAD.

​Pretty Personal Poetry

A sponge in a bucket of
dirty water.
Soaking it all up
like a hero.
All the hurtful words,
the curses, the angry faces
their scowls.
Their greatest antipathy
Was me ?

But for how long
Untill I am fully soaked up
Not a drop more will i take
Completely drowned in the bucket of dirty water
Hit the bottom
Heavy. No question of floating back up
No escape. Never?
Sunk in sorrows and hate
Not mine.
Too late to disown ?

Filled with dirt, flowing
In and out.



T from TAD