Hey guys! How many of you here are into wattpad?? I sure am! Growing up I was a complete bibliophile.. coming to think of it…I still am…(though I don’t have as much time as I did before)

A couple of years back I discovered this amazing app called wattpad and its a shame that many people still don’t know it yet. Well for those of you who don’t it is basically a storytelling online community… You can read stories written by other users or you could write some yourself. You can even vote for books you like or recommend some to a friend… Go on… Try it out here.

I started out loving this app that practically gave me access to unlimited books … And that too for free! Later however I found books to be repetitive and poorly written… I even found a book that was written in broken English!

However, I found out that not all the books there were bad and some were actually quite nice. One such book (That happens to be my current favorite ❤ ) is Storm and Silence by Robert Thier.

It is a historic romance novel but trust me, even if you hate this genre to the core…you will still love this book!


It is a story set in Victorian times where a feminist, Lilly Linton, is desperate to fight for women’s rights and suffrage. However in order to do this, she needs the help of a dark dangerous man… a man, Rikkard Ambrose, who is the definition of a ‘male chauvinistic pig’ and will do anything to get what he wants.  And he is a handsome hunk!

Lilly finds that she has to fight hard, not just for feminism.. but for her growing attraction towards Mr. Ambrose.


This book was so good I could literally not put it down. Sir Rob (as he calls himself) has a flare for writing and amazing ways of describing things.


I was so into this book that I couldn’t stop until I read all the books in the series! I’m now at the 4th book in the series and patiently wait every Wednesday for a new chapter to be released 😦

superthumb.jpg If you haven’t read this already, go try it right away! Trust me you will love it, and re-read it as well.

You can try reading this story on Radish too or maybe buy the book here.


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