You know you’ve had a bad day when mid morning…Your shoes decide to break.. And it feels like after that, everything in the world is just so wrong… You get what i’m saying don’t you?

It so happened to me a couple of says ago… Right when I was in college… with my favorite pair of Kolhapuri ones that my mother had gifted me a couple of years ago.

f2364138da35ec8d99821dd3ddd0f3e4.jpgMine were similar to this except they were a dark pink with sunny bright yellow. Yes i’m a colorful person :p You would probably never see me sporting an all-black outfit. (The whole ‘black is an architect’s dress code’ is a complete myth btw. )

Anyways, my right shoe decided to tear that morning and I was in college dragging my feet about like a funny thing the whole day. I realized then, that the little things in life (like footwear for example) have a huge impact on our mood and temperament.

I tried to sneakily use the college office glue and stapler to fix it but it just wouldn’t get fixed. Well I obviously couldn’t wait around for the other shoe to drop (Literally speaking in this case :P) so after college I went with one of my best friends to find a nearby cobbler. Unfortunately for me there was no cobbler nearby and no shoe shops either.

My house was over 12 kms away from college so I relied on public transport and my two good feet to get back home. Today of course, that wasn’t possible.

That’s when this best friend of mine took my torn ones and gave me her good shoes to go back home with. This was not easy for her since she drives a two wheeler to her house which was far away as well.

This was one of the nicest gestures someone ever did for me and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that someone’s always got your back. Makes you realize that life is not so bad after all.


Best friend, if you are reading this, thank you for being my octopus ❤


A from TAD