I hate taking pictures! There I said it! Stop gasping you overly dramatic people …let me explain.

I’m not against the idea of capturing a temporary moment in permanent vivid colours that might fade on the edges but never in the emotion. Afterall we are only human and memories will fade and maybe become a transparent sheet for a new memory. So yeah pictures are great, especially to look back on during a get together years later and laugh at the hair style, the fashion sense, that crush you were trying to stand next to, those awful naked baby pictures and I could go on.

I enjoy doing all of the above and more but I don’t seem to have the ability to take pictures to make a memory. Like if I went for a picnic I’d rather eat, crack jokes, play tag, climb trees or anything really than take a picture. Especially now with instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many more social sites, pictures which were for loved ones who you can’t see often , it has become a forum to get the most likes. Nothing against it coz we are human and we all want to feel loved.

I’m sure not many people agree with me and that’s cool coz the world would be a boring place if there were too many mes, and the camera wouldn’t have been invented :p.

I’d rather make a memory than make a picture, tell me what you think.

Signing off,



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