Well, judging by that title you must think i’m gonna tell you a creepy story about what happened when i went to the forest. You are probably picturing masked men and and the rustling of leaves. Well no, this isn’t a horror tale. It is about a beautiful installation I recently came across.

Forest megaphones, Estonia

In most cases architecture is seen and not heard. This is just sad, considering the most memorable of spaces are those that heighten more than just our optical sense.

To me, experience is a major part of architecture and this right here is a perfect example of architecture’s acoustic ability.


This is an installation of three literally giant megaphones designed by students in Estonia to amplify the sounds of the forest.

The installation is featured in Estonia’s Pähni Nature Centre, known for its study trails and using the forest as its “outdoor classroom.” Student Birgit Õigus designed the piece along with her classmates as a part of the Estonian Academy of Arts.


This installation is called Ruup. It invites you to read forest sounds and offers hikers and wanderers a possibility to rest their feet and their minds. Here, you can sit, sleep, think and listen. You can select between a small and a large view, depending on which direction you look in the Ruup. It is an open library with only one book – the nature.

These conical shapes provide a platform for outdoor classrooms, small-scale cultural events and concerts. You can actually do just about anything. You are only limited to your imagination.


These ‘bandstands’ vary in size and form but, at 3m diameter, they are the perfect size to climb into. Imagine being a musicion and even playing there.


Visitors that come here are found lounging inside these megaphones, listening to the sounds of the forest.

51% of Estonia is covered with forests and according to author Valdur Mikita, ‘Estonian culture is intertwined and imbued with forests’. This sure makes me feel like visiting this place.

Talk about giving Mother Nature a megaphone.


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