I’m definitely an adult. I mean I’m 18+ so I’m definitely an adult. At least legally I’m definitely an adult. Others definitely think I’m an adult. I think?

Do you ever wonder what in the world does an adult do? I mean I remember looking at adults when I was small and felling like they knew exactly what they were doing. Now that I am here on the other side, I’m not so sure. But dang did those ‘adults’ make it look believable. I’m sure they used used the tips A gave in the article ‘how to be an adult 101’.


I think I should implement it in my life before something stupid happens and trust me I’m one those people who trouble keeps finding.

I’m the one who gets caught pulling funny faces with my tongue out at the kid on the bus, falling off a bunch of steps coz I still haven’t figured out the whole gravity and balance thing or dancing to barbie- aqua. Am I the only one who learnt about trismus (inability to open the mouth) and tried talking like that for an hour? Or tried balancing a cup full of tea on my head only to end up with tea all over me? Well maybe I’m the only adult whose still not grown up or maybe not?

I in fact challenge you to a childish bet where you have to do something childish and blog about it or …well you know your the wet chicken :p

Signing off,



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