Clinics is what we call the discussion we have of a patient after we work them up. So basically its the part of the day when we spend 2hrs working up the patient after reading a 100 books the previous day to know what to do only to find out we did everything wrong. Well one mistake made makes one mistake less the next time right? Except when you find a new mistake to make every time.

Well any who during clinics we learn the right way to do a few tests. I remember the first time we learnt about the Chvostek sign (I challenge you guys to say all the signs I ever mention and make a gif and put it in your blogs somewhere) which checks for hypocalcemia. So this is a sign where you tap the cheek and check for muscle twitching (I bet you tried it). There isn’t much funny with that. No but imagine the same thing with about 10 people standing in a solemn semicircle just tapping each others cheeks 5 mins solid in the middle of the hospital corridor. 

Don’t even get me started on the whole learning to tapping issue (that’s the story for another day).

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