The hospital I think is the saddest place to be in. Especially the Medicine department in a tertiary health care centre. In a surgery ward there is at least a constant out flow of patients which gives doctors the satisfaction of having done something. 

I’m in medicine now and it’s just so overwhelming. Especially when you see a patient at the start of the posting, and a month later when your going to a new posting, they are still there mostly worse off than better.
The hardest job in the world is sitting in a hospital unsure of what is going to happen to your relative who is deteriorating before your eyes, and there is nothing you can do about it. Doctors have it easy, afterall they can take a bunch of history and do relevant examination and investigations. At least they have an idea of whats happening, or at least the illusion of science, but to the members of the family to whom nothing makes sense, starting from the why to the how it’s the worst time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a month of hospital stay, it’s still has the same effect on them.

Yesterday I saw a patient who was so fragile and weak. She was so sick that she couldn’t lift herself off the bed to pee in the bedpan. Her husband stayed with her the whole time. Through us asking her a bunch of questions to turning her around to making her stand. He was her legs, hands and any other body part she needed.

Today we saw another patient who couldn’t eat on his own and his wife was with him, feeding him his daily requirements.

I realised something then, the doctors are given so much respect for what they do but what these people do is so much harder. Thank you to all those who have experienced sickness in someone’s life and made everyone’s work easier and the sickness seem slightly lesser by just being there.

Signing off,