Well, I’m sure most of you would already know the story of Moses and the Red Sea…


It is the legend of when Moses led the Israelites away from Egypt and towards Canaan which was the land God promised to them. However during this journey, they are blocked by the Red Sea. There was no way of escape for them since the Egyptian army was at their heel in order to kill them all. In order to cross the sea, Moses held out his staff and God parted the waters for the people to cross which enabled the people to safely cross the waters. Once everyone was safely on the other side, Moses held out his staff again and the sea closed again, drowning the entire Egyptian army!

I was searching for something yesterday when I came across this! The Moses Bridge:


Pretty, isn’t it?? No Im not kidding and this is actually real! It is a sunken bridge in halsteren, Netherlands… It is designed to be practically invisible while giving access to the beautiful 17th century Dutch Fort de Roovere.



It was designed by RO & AD Architects, who had decided to make it that way, so it wouldn’t stand out in the historic fort complex. The bridge has taken on the name “The Moses Bridge“, as it appears to have divided the moat’s waters.


The bridge is made of Accoya wood, that is treated with anti-fungal coating, that enables the wood not to erode.


This off-beat beauty sure has a way of mirroring its surroundings without garnishing the beauty of the fort! I’d say it went a bridge too far (Haha I’m funny like that :P)

Comment below if you’ve been here or know of other such gems 🙂

Ciao for now,

A  from TAD