Hey guys!! I recently went on a little trip to Poovar Islands in Kerala (That’s in India btw) It was a beautiful experience going by boat through mangroove forests… It leads to one of those moments when you learn to appreciate everything in life and realize the beauty of nature…

Sometimes we all need such breaks don’t you think?? Anyways here are a few pics I took of this place…IMG_20170529_122924096.jpgThis is where we started out… it was forests everywhere..

2.jpgIsn’t that just pretty? It seemed like the trees were bowing down to welcome us… It seemed even magical …Enchanting in fact…. like the trees had a mind of their own.IMG_20170529_123400997.jpgEvery corner we turned, the trees seemed to be swaying towards us…If you closely observe the picture, you will see it…1.jpgIf it doesn’t seem to you like the trees way over there are inviting you over, you must be crazy! This whole journey  in fact reminded me of one of my childhood favorite books…It was the book that got me into reading… Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood..

This Book 51XWJ0CTWQL.jpgis about three children Jo, Bessie and Fanny who move to a new house next to a forest… Soon they explore this wood and discover that it is no ordinary one.. It was magical! It had a special tree called The Faraway Tree whose branches reached beyond the clouds…

It had trees that swish not just with the wind..Trees with stories of their own…

Anyways read the book if you haven’t already…The child in you will surely enjoy it…



A from TAD


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