giphy (1).gif Over the past few years, I’ve had a bit of fancy for colored tights…. Not exactly a black, leather or fish net kinda person…. im more of  a half crazy and very very colourful unicorn rider….

giphy (2).gif

(if you haven’t checked out our unicorn post yet then here you go  –  Unicorns and why I think they exist…. )

I live in a humid tropical city so no one really wear such nice things here… I could imagine it being used in other places though…

A colour for every mood, a pattern for every dress you wear…. Colourful tights seem to be just the thing for that…

I especially loved the outfits Lou (Emilia Clark from GOT) wore in Me Before You. Most of you would think it was a tad too colorful (pun intended, ha ha) and perhaps it was eccentric.. but it was lovely and suited her character well….

And lastly, her most prized possession – her bumble bee striped tights ♥

acb69c98-9e33-4113-9338-09f17be56ea1.jpgI know i’d be happy with a pair of bumble bee tights… Wouldn’t you?? Comment below if you are a fan of the bumblebee tights as well!

Maybe happiness is just a few bumble bee tights away…giphy.gif


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