While we are all 21 or more…we do realise that we  are all still 8 year olds on the inside.. Lets admit it, growing up is cool and all… But being an adult is… well sort of scary…. That’s a lot of responsibility we have on our shoulders… But lets face it… we cant stop the inevitable ….  Here are a few ways we can be an adult… Well at least pretend to be because well… we have to:

  1. Making decisions… We have to deal with the choices we have and find out what we really want to do in life (Other than riding our unicorn of course;))
  2. Knowing stuff…. And by stuff… I dont just mean celebrity gossip or knowing who posted what on Instagram…I mean knowing real things… happening in the world around us and much more.images.jpg
  3. Waking up early…. Yes I am not joking…. adulting is hard ok? (We could try getting a job that starts at noon though 😉 … Just saying)
  4. Acting responsible… Yes that involves taking care of others too… and saving up money and things.. Its ok, you can cry… i wont tell anyone.
  5. Coffee… well this isn’t an official thing adults do… But it will definately help you act like one… Plus i absolutely love coffee. Try it its addicting….

Check this out if you love coffee too 😊OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder)

We might all start like how Rachel Green was in season-1 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S… But a bit of extra effort and we can definitely grow into an actual adult… And I’m sure we’d love it.


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